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Living healthier through immune enhancement.

iNR Wellness MD’s mission is to promote healthy living by raising awareness of the importance of a healthy immune system through beta-glucan, the strongest natural immunity enhancing product that has been proven with over 30 years of research. Developed and researched directly with leading scientists and clinicians, the products in the iNR Wellness MD product line are the world’s most effective immune supporting supplements, created from the combined insights and knowledge from thousands of clinical studies.

Scientific Advisory Board

Our board members are leaders in science and technology, pioneering a better approach to health. They guide the scientific direction of iNR Wellness MD. You can read a detailed explanation of the board’s role on our science page.

Our Supply Chain

During the course of manufacturing iNR Wellness MD there are a total of five quality and purity audits before a batch is shipped. All manufacturing facilities are located in the US and are compliant with the cGMP regulations as stipulated by the FDA.

Our Intellectual Property

We have an extensive patent position around our core Yeast Beta 1,3-1,6 Glucan ingredient and actively expand our IP with new ingredients. We have currently filed or licensed dozens of patents related to our work.


How We’re Different

The natural supplement industry is, like all other industries, basically directed towards advertising and profits. Even in the Immune Support category, most products are not clinically studied and can be entirely ineffective.

iNR Wellness MD is unique. Our business is translating advances in science and the growing understanding of immunity into effective, scientifically sound products for people in their everyday lives. Our platform is to develop and commercialize the highest quality, all natural ingredients that offer an opportunity for our customers to proactively support their health.


How We Work

Our R&D Process

Our process for all products begins with a comprehensive evaluation of all available scientific literature before culminating in a product available for purchase. In between, there are many important steps. The steps below help us discover and commercialize new products. They don’t all necessarily happen in this order.

Phase One:
Review Literature

When a promising molecule or compound is identified, we do an extensive review of existing literature to better understand its characteristics and potential impact on human health. Only the candidates with the potential to address the largest issues in health are selected for further development.

Preclinical Development

Using a variety of preclinical models, we validate and expand upon existing literature to better guide the molecule’s development into a commercialized product.

Phase Two:
Safety Testing
Efficacy Testing
Phase Three:
Direct to Consumer

Our goal is to provide the purest and most effective beta-glucan. We realize how critical boosting your immune system is to your everyday life.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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